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Story board and script screenshot

Hey  bloggers ,

Welcome back to another blog post. Today for cyber smart we had to get 3 screenshot from my group script and storyboard . IOt was a pretty easy task to do today.  Now lets talk about the problems my group had to face and how we solved it.

One of our problems were having a person in our group being absent the way we solved this is we did other shot or we had to change the characters. Another problem we had is people interrupting our scenes the ways we solved is by  either have someone that wasn’t in the scene stand outside letting people now that we are filming or if we had a person in the room always interrupting we would have them go back to the classroom to get someone props so we could quickly film our part. As you can see we only did have two problem and they were solved.

Here are my slides

Have you ever done film festival ?


My slides with a little bits from our script and a piece from our storyboard



Replying to comment – cybersmart-


welcome back to another blog post.  Last week tania came to room 9 and 8 for cybersmart , We focused on replying to blog comment . But before we replied we to replied them on a google slide template. I replied to Sammy , Asmah and Phil. For our replys we had to have a introduction, postive , thoughtful ,  helpful and outro part. I couldn’t to thoughtful since i was stuck on what i was gonna do for helpful but luckily i got introduction,  postive , thoughtful and outro. I hope you enjoy my presentation! Do you like replying to comments?


Samoan Language Week art – 30/05/23

Hi bloggers,

Welcome back to another blog post with your host NEHA! Today Williams class had cybersmart. We were doing samoan siapo patterns on google drawing. Me and Kayshjarn were buddies since i was gone and didn’t know what to do. To be honest i think our art came out very good. Here is our work.

I Hope you like and enjoy your day! Where are you from?


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