Kapa haka – Te mahi kapa haka

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Welcome back to blog post. Last week the kapa haka performed at Blockhouse Bay.  Our school performed Ma wai ra (leader was Neha) , Ka poipoi (leader was Kayshjarn) , E rere toku poi (lead by Neha) and Tika tonu (lead by Sione and Eliezer) . I think our performance went very well.


Our performance was at 7:30 so the teacher decided that we would meet at school at 4. At 4pm i came to school and went to room 5 were i one of my kapa haka teacher told us to eat something so i ate a fruit cup then i went and changed and did my hair. Then after when i came back with my hair all done i went to my kapa haka teacher and then she put my moko on and the feather and once everyone else was ready we lined up out sided and we making our way to car park. Me , Karolina, Kayhsjarn and Layla went in my mums car well the rest went in a bus once we got there
the boy had to get there moko done again since they a had to do a full face. After a little bit we were called up and We crushed it. Here a video of us performing ma wai ra.


Kia ora bloggers , Nau mai hoki mai ki te panui rangitaki. I tera wiki i tu te kapa haka ki te kokoru o te whare poraka. Our school performed Ma wai ra (leader was Neha) , Ka poipoi (leader was Kayshjarn) , E rere toku poi (leaded by Neha) and Tika tonu (leaded by Sione and Eliezer) . Ki taku whakaaro i tino pai ta matou mahi.


I te 7:30 to matou mahi ace no reira ka whakatau te kaiako ka hui matou ki te kura hei te 4. I te 4pm ka tae mai ahau ki te kura ka haere ki te ruma 5 i kii mai tetahi o taku kaiako kapa haka kia kai matou i tetahi mea ka kai au i te huarākau. kapu ka haere ahau ka huri ka mahia oku makawe. I muri mai i taku hokinga mai me aku makawe kua oti katoa ka haere ahau ki taku kaiako kapa haka, katahi ka whakakakahu ia i taku moko me te huruhuru, a ka rite katoa nga tangata katoa ka rarangi matou ki waho ka haere matou ki te waahi waka. Ko au, ko Karolina,I ko Kayhsjarn me Layla i eke ki runga i taku motoka mama pai te toenga i haere ma runga pahi ka tae matou ki reira Me tae ano te tama ki reira moko i te mea me mahi te kanohi katoa. I muri iti ka karangahia matou ka pakaruhia e matou. Anei he riipene whakaata mo matou e mahi ana ma wai ra.





What happening in my life? – 14.9.23

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I noticed how i haven’t done a check up in a while so for today i’m going to do a check up!


First today Thursday 14.9.23 the kapa haka group will be performing at block house bay intermediate at 6pm today. The leader in the group are Neha (me) , Kayshjarn ,  Sariyah , Eliezer , Xayvion and Sione . As you can see we have 6 leader which is very different since last year we only had 2 leader that were both girls.  The song we will be singing are Ma wai ra (which i will be leading) , Kapoioi (Kayshjarn will be leading) , E rere toku poi (I will be leading) and the haka tika tonu (which the boys will be leading in .  The group has been practising so hard and we are so excited to perform at the Konohete this year. 


Term 3 about to end. So right now its week 9 and next week will be the last week for term 3 . Next term which is term 4 we have 11 weeks since we only had 9 week in  term 1.  It exciting but also scary because as some people know I’m a year 6 and i’m going to intermediate. The reason why I’m scared is because I’m going to a intermediate where none of my friends are going so i have make new friends and replace them all.


Last week Tuesday we had volleyball zones. The team was Me (Neha) , Layla , Ifalemi , Eliezer , Sione , Lorenzo , Livi , Mo’unga  .  As you can see there are only two girls and the rest are boys. I’m so happy to announce that we  won all our games. I think my favourite game was our second game but unfortunately I don’t rember what the school it was.


So thats some stuff happening in my life!


What do you have exciting happening in your life?

Story board and script screenshot

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Welcome back to another blog post. Today for cyber smart we had to get 3 screenshot from my group script and storyboard . IOt was a pretty easy task to do today.  Now lets talk about the problems my group had to face and how we solved it.

One of our problems were having a person in our group being absent the way we solved this is we did other shot or we had to change the characters. Another problem we had is people interrupting our scenes the ways we solved is by  either have someone that wasn’t in the scene stand outside letting people now that we are filming or if we had a person in the room always interrupting we would have them go back to the classroom to get someone props so we could quickly film our part. As you can see we only did have two problem and they were solved.

Here are my slides

Have you ever done film festival ?


My slides with a little bits from our script and a piece from our storyboard



Replying to comment – cybersmart-


welcome back to another blog post.  Last week tania came to room 9 and 8 for cybersmart , We focused on replying to blog comment . But before we replied we to replied them on a google slide template. I replied to Sammy , Asmah and Phil. For our replys we had to have a introduction, postive , thoughtful ,  helpful and outro part. I couldn’t to thoughtful since i was stuck on what i was gonna do for helpful but luckily i got introduction,  postive , thoughtful and outro. I hope you enjoy my presentation! Do you like replying to comments?


Film festival group

Hey bloggers ,

Welcome back to another blog post. For today blog post i’m gonna show a scene from our film festival group. This is my favorite for now! We haven’t finished but we are having so much fun filming. I would love some tips and feedback. Here is the scene .


Pick a path – Today cybersmart

Hey bloggers ,

Welcome back to another blog post! Yesterday for cybersmart we got to do a pick a path about how to make a quality blog comment. We got to do with a buddy and I know your thinking me and Karolina were buddys but no for the first time i buddy up with Sariyah. We hd fun and we finished the pick a path. Here is our pick a path. Please give me some feedback.

Williams class Values and Expectations

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Welcome back to another blog post! Today blog post a slide show that me and karolina made. Basically our teacher talk about expectations and values in our classroom. Our teacher told us that we could make a poster , google docs , google drawing or google slide about our school expectations. At first we were only doing respect but then our substitute teacher ask us if we could do all 3 .   Our values are responsibility, respect and resilience.  Here are our slides



Hey bloggers,

Welcome back to another blog post. For the past few week we have been working on presentation. My presentation was about protecting our kiwis. Since yesterday we have been presenting to our class.


Today I was chosen to go and present to the class. At first I was really  scared and was almost about to cry. I was the last one to present for the day. Before I went up I had this feeling in my stomach.  But I still went and my best friend (Karolina) was like “GO NEHA” and “SLAY BADDIE” which almost got me laughing to the ground.  I took a breath and started to read.  Every word i said that nervous feeling was disappearing.  As soon as I finished everyone was clapping.  Well I was coming back to my sit my teacher gave me some feedback.  I also hit my head on the table well my teacher was saying something to the class.  Then he came to me and Karolina and told us that we are going to share our presentation to the whole school next week Thursday. “Just remember when you do something  scary at the end your gonna feel so much better” my teacher told us.



Want to see my presentation well Here you go :


Investigating Blogs – 6/06/23

Hey bloggers ,

Welcome back to another blog post. Today blog post is about investigating blogs for cybersmart.  We had this google drawing that looked like a bingo chart , so i call it a bingo bored with different task to find on someone blog which are from the ako hiko cluster.  We got to choose from three differnt blogs to use for our google drawing they were from Hay park school , New winsdsor and Owairaka school I finished the whole thing. I really enjoyed today’s cybersmart lesson. Here is my work:


Samoan Language Week art – 30/05/23

Hi bloggers,

Welcome back to another blog post with your host NEHA! Today Williams class had cybersmart. We were doing samoan siapo patterns on google drawing. Me and Kayshjarn were buddies since i was gone and didn’t know what to do. To be honest i think our art came out very good. Here is our work.

I Hope you like and enjoy your day! Where are you from?