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SLJ – Digital Notan – #18 – step up

Hey bloggers,

Today i have made a digital notan with a Theme. My theme was ocean animals,  I loves this because ot really easy and exciting. This task only took about 6 minutes and the end results came out fantastic .

History of Notan artwork

The concept of notan made its way into Western art after 1854 when Japan opened its ports to trade, resulting in many examples of Japanese art being seen in Europe. The idea of notan became part of art education after Arthur Wesley Dow included it in his 1899 book on art instruction

Have you ever seen a notan artwork before???



SLJ – Digital Notan – #17 – Kickstart

Hey bloggers,

Today i have made a Digital Notan! The Digital Notan was inspired by random stuff because when i make art it mostly likey random! This activity was really easy and also the end results come out so cool!

What is Notan art??

Notan is a Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark elements as they are placed next to the other in the composition of art and imagery. Originally notan works were created with ink and paper. Ink would be diluted to create darker or lighter brushstrokes, while the white paper provided the light backdrop; the negative space. Using this method and carefully considering the balance of their compositions, Japanese artists create Notan art.

Have you ever created a Notan artwork?


SLJ – Mystery code – #16 – step up

Hey bloggers ,

Welcome back to another blog post. Today i have created a emoji cipher which makes up a word. I really loved this task because i got to choose which emoji got to represent a letter . I also got to make one and the word is my favourite slj task that i have done so far! Solve the word and tell me what you think the word is !

What is your favourite slj task so far?


SLJ – Poem postcard- #15 – kickstart

Hey bloggers,

Welcome back to another blog post! Today i have use ai to make a poem postcards .  The post card was inspired by the beach and the ocean. This image reminded me about the time me and cousin went to beach where we were swimming in big waves, so that why i choose the ocean as my inspiration .

I would send this poem to my cousin because my cousin loves the ocean and every time i’m over at there house we end up going to beach!

If you were going to send a postcard , who would you send it to?

press the picture to see the whole poem


SLJ – Summer holiday – #13 – step up

Hey bloggers,

For today SLJ task i did the step up version for the winter holiday but instead of winter i got to do my dream summer holiday ! For my destination i choose the bay of islands! I have never been to the bay of islands but i have always wanted to go the bay of islands. The six things i would like to bring are a water bottle , a hat , sunscreen , some baggy t-shirts and shorts , sandals and my phone! . if i got to do 2 activity they would be walking around the island and go visit the waterfalls .  Where is your dream summer holiday!

SLJ – Winter holiday – #12 – kickstart

Hey bloggers,

HAPPY LATE NEW YEARS!!!  Sorry i haven’t been posting anything on my blog! So for today blog post  i got make a google drawing about my dream winter holiday.  The destination i would like to go for my dream winter holiday is coronet park Queenstown because it has always been my dream to got skiing ! Last year me and my family went to Queenstown and i got the opportunity to visit coronet park but unfortunately it was January and in Queenstown it starts snowing in mid June!  So i would love to go during the snow season. Here the google drawing!’

Where would be your dream winter holiday be at ?


SLJ – trick shot – #11 – Kickstart

Hey Bloggeres,

Welcome back to another SLJ post. For today kickstart task . I got to make a trick shot obstacle course ! The materials i use to make the trick shot obstacle course were 12 or 11 books , a nail light , a cup and ball . I found this task challenging because sometime when i was trying out the trick shot obstacle course the ball would roll far from the cup so i had to change the positioning   of the cup to were i would think the ball would go  but the next time i did try it would slow down and fall closer to table  , far from the cup. But in the end i manged to get the ball inside the cup!  Come bk for the step up version !I hope you like the video I made!


SLJ – colourblock – #9- kickstart

Hey bloggers ,

Welcome back to another SLJ kickstart activity. For  today acitivity i got to make a colourblock  landscape  on google drawing . I use one of the colourblock landscape example for my one.  I used dark and medium color and i add some birds and also stars. I really like this task because it really simple and also the ending pieces comes out so pretty. I hop you like my art!

SLJ – emoji story – #8 – step up

Hey bloggers,

Welcome back to another slj postt. For today step up challenge i made a guess the word by using the first letters of each emoji. I have made 3 word by using emoji , it is your job to find out what each word is. when you have found out what each word is tell me what the words are in the comments. I hope you really like it because i really enjoyed making it!

Here is the document

SLJ – emoji story – #7 – kickstart

Hey bloggers ,
welcome back to another bog post. Fo today kickstart activity i got to write a story but i swithed out some word for emoji. My story was about a girl who love grapes but she started to get bored of grape , so she asked her mum if they could go to shop and buy some new fruit besides her mum need to do some shopping .  On the way to the shop the girl figures out a new fruit called mango . In the shop she only wanted to get the mango for her to try so when she went home she got her mum to cut up for . But the story end there with a to be continued. Do you think the girl will like the mango or not?

Here my story