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SLJ – Digital Notan – #17 – Kickstart

Hey bloggers,

Today i have made a Digital Notan! The Digital Notan was inspired by random stuff because when i make art it mostly likey random! This activity was really easy and also the end results come out so cool!

What is Notan art??

Notan is a Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark elements as they are placed next to the other in the composition of art and imagery. Originally notan works were created with ink and paper. Ink would be diluted to create darker or lighter brushstrokes, while the white paper provided the light backdrop; the negative space. Using this method and carefully considering the balance of their compositions, Japanese artists create Notan art.

Have you ever created a Notan artwork?


SLJ – colourblock – #9- kickstart

Hey bloggers ,

Welcome back to another SLJ kickstart activity. For  today acitivity i got to make a colourblock  landscape  on google drawing . I use one of the colourblock landscape example for my one.  I used dark and medium color and i add some birds and also stars. I really like this task because it really simple and also the ending pieces comes out so pretty. I hop you like my art!

Ai painting vs my painting – Neha

Hey bloggers,

In week 8 hay park school did art for two day straight! Our class room eight art projects was about trying to recreate a ai painting . My teacher found a app that would generate picture from words. Before we started we talked about what is wrong ai. I said that ai is taking over jobs since ai is being used in health systems and how there self driving cars now. Another person said that ai is making people lazy . After our talk we started generating our photos. In the box i typed in Mountains , black , gloomy and raining. The photo was mountains and some lands in if you see closely there a streams. After getting out our picture we did a sketch so we wouldn’t make a mistake on real paper. After practising we got our real that when i got really stressed because we were only allowed one paper . After 15 minutes i was finished with my real paper because i was debating on keeping the stream or not .  But by the time I was finished drawing it was time to pack up . So the next day i got to start painting. I did alot of blending for the mountains since theres alot of shades on the mountains in the picture. In the picture there was a small lake but i decided to make the stream bigger because the stream was so small that if i had not looked closely to the picture i wouldn’t have noticed it , so i was debating on to keep the stream or not . But in the end i decided and i painted it, the colour i use is blue-ish green-ish teal colour but i noticed when it tried it was very uneven so i re painted it in the end it became even and ok expect its kinda the same colour of the grass. For the mountains i mixed black and a little white so it could be a dark grey, i used this colour for the base and then i use this light grey for the top i blended the two colour at first the blending was not ok but at the end i learnt the technique! For i was gonna leave it blank but then i decided to do a sunset , for the colour i use red , orange and yellow but you can’t really see the red that much. For the grass i use this olive colour and green . The only thing i couldn’t do was the clouds because i had to use a sponge and i didn’t have time to do it .


Do you think ai will take over the world?



Samoan Language Week art – 30/05/23

Hi bloggers,

Welcome back to another blog post with your host NEHA! Today Williams class had cybersmart. We were doing samoan siapo patterns on google drawing. Me and Kayshjarn were buddies since i was gone and didn’t know what to do. To be honest i think our art came out very good. Here is our work.

I Hope you like and enjoy your day! Where are you from?


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