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What happening in my life? – 14.9.23

Hey blogger,

I noticed how i haven’t done a check up in a while so for today i’m going to do a check up!


First today Thursday 14.9.23 the kapa haka group will be performing at block house bay intermediate at 6pm today. The leader in the group are Neha (me) , Kayshjarn ,  Sariyah , Eliezer , Xayvion and Sione . As you can see we have 6 leader which is very different since last year we only had 2 leader that were both girls.  The song we will be singing are Ma wai ra (which i will be leading) , Kapoioi (Kayshjarn will be leading) , E rere toku poi (I will be leading) and the haka tika tonu (which the boys will be leading in .  The group has been practising so hard and we are so excited to perform at the Konohete this year. 


Term 3 about to end. So right now its week 9 and next week will be the last week for term 3 . Next term which is term 4 we have 11 weeks since we only had 9 week in  term 1.  It exciting but also scary because as some people know I’m a year 6 and i’m going to intermediate. The reason why I’m scared is because I’m going to a intermediate where none of my friends are going so i have make new friends and replace them all.


Last week Tuesday we had volleyball zones. The team was Me (Neha) , Layla , Ifalemi , Eliezer , Sione , Lorenzo , Livi , Mo’unga  .  As you can see there are only two girls and the rest are boys. I’m so happy to announce that we  won all our games. I think my favourite game was our second game but unfortunately I don’t rember what the school it was.


So thats some stuff happening in my life!


What do you have exciting happening in your life?

Cricket zone-Neha

Hey bloggers

Welcome back to another blog post with me (Neha). This week Tuesday some people including me went to cricket zones. The team included  Me (Neha),Pita,Angel,Mo’unga,Sariyah,Ifalemi,Kayshjarn,Sione and Eliezer. 

The zones were held at Keith Park near the bridge which was  at the end of Keith Park. At zones there were about four other schools there. They were Dominion road school , Three Kings , Halsey drive and one more that I didn’t know the name of. We won 2 games and lost one which meant that we only versed three schools. 

Our first game was at 9:30 with Dominion road school which we won. Then our second match was right after with Three Kings which we also won. After that we had a one hour break. After that we versed Halsey drive which we lost but we were very proud of ourselves. 



As a reward we got pizza hut and orange juice. We also went to the park to play and then when we came to school we each got two ice blocks. The next tournament will be the soccer tournament which will be in three weeks. 



What are your favorite sports to play?