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Williams class Values and Expectations

Hey blogger,

Welcome back to another blog post! Today blog post a slide show that me and karolina made. Basically our teacher talk about expectations and values in our classroom. Our teacher told us that we could make a poster , google docs , google drawing or google slide about our school expectations. At first we were only doing respect but then our substitute teacher ask us if we could do all 3 .   Our values are responsibility, respect and resilience.  Here are our slides


Our experience doing a quest!

Hi blogger,

It me Neha and today I want to tell you about the amzaing quest our class did! My teacher had organized a lady who works at Thrill Seekers. Thrill Seekers are a company in New Zealand who set up this quest. Our teacher spilt us up in to group. The lady had given us a ipad and a action pack with sheets of paper which we had to scan to find clues. The ipad had helped our class finish the quest. The challenging part was the bonus riddle it was lock which we needed to open with a equation like A+C+B=10 and A × B =6 and B+D=15 and more. The oder of the pin is A B C D. Can you try finish the question? Our group finsihed 2 or 3.  Here are some photo!