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SLJ – Digital Notan – #17 – Kickstart

Hey bloggers,

Today i have made a Digital Notan! The Digital Notan was inspired by random stuff because when i make art it mostly likey random! This activity was really easy and also the end results come out so cool!

What is Notan art??

Notan is a Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark elements as they are placed next to the other in the composition of art and imagery. Originally notan works were created with ink and paper. Ink would be diluted to create darker or lighter brushstrokes, while the white paper provided the light backdrop; the negative space. Using this method and carefully considering the balance of their compositions, Japanese artists create Notan art.

Have you ever created a Notan artwork?


SLJ – Poem postcard- #15 – kickstart

Hey bloggers,

Welcome back to another blog post! Today i have use ai to make a poem postcards .  The post card was inspired by the beach and the ocean. This image reminded me about the time me and cousin went to beach where we were swimming in big waves, so that why i choose the ocean as my inspiration .

I would send this poem to my cousin because my cousin loves the ocean and every time i’m over at there house we end up going to beach!

If you were going to send a postcard , who would you send it to?

press the picture to see the whole poem


Media – 11/10/23

Hey bloggers,

Haven’t posted in a while! Yesterday we had cybersmart and we did a form about the amount of hour that people watch medias. For my create task i made slide of thr results from the form and what i choose. I’m gonna keep this short. But we found out intersting stuff like some people watch youtbe for over ten hour you will find out if watch youtbe for over 10 hours if you see the slide. Here are the slides .


Story board and script screenshot

Hey  bloggers ,

Welcome back to another blog post. Today for cyber smart we had to get 3 screenshot from my group script and storyboard . IOt was a pretty easy task to do today.  Now lets talk about the problems my group had to face and how we solved it.

One of our problems were having a person in our group being absent the way we solved this is we did other shot or we had to change the characters. Another problem we had is people interrupting our scenes the ways we solved is by  either have someone that wasn’t in the scene stand outside letting people now that we are filming or if we had a person in the room always interrupting we would have them go back to the classroom to get someone props so we could quickly film our part. As you can see we only did have two problem and they were solved.

Here are my slides

Have you ever done film festival ?


My slides with a little bits from our script and a piece from our storyboard



Dear Kermit ….

Hey bloggers and Kermit 


Today’s blog post is about the Poetry slam! This is gonna be my second poem for the poetry slam. My poem is a letter to… . This is poem is about KERMIT  .  I’m pretty sure that i gonna do a animation about it. Here is my poem.





Two people , two brain , two name – poetry slam

Hey bloggers welcome back to another blog post. This blog post is the poetry slam that happening right now. Me and Karolina did one together. Here’s is Karolinas blog.Our poem was about two people and we talk about there live. My bit is kinda sad and Karolina’s is bright and happy. I would really appreciate if you coull give me and Karolina some feedback.

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