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Smart searching

Hey bloggers ,

Welcome back to another blog post. Today room 8 and room 9 did cybersmart ! Today we started a new topic. Our new topic was about smart searching! In the middle of term we are gonna make a presentation about a topic and use what we have learnt to gather information. For today cybersmart we learnt if little letters matter in sentences ,  if spelling was important in searching something up , if the order of the words matters, capital letters matter and Punctuation matter . In the end we found out that little letters and  capital letters don’t really matter when searching something up but spelling , order of words and Punctuation matters when searching something up on google.


Our first activity was to search up certain things that were similar in example blue sky and sky blue. We searched up blue sky and screen shot the results then added the screen shot into a google slide under the word blue sky  and then we searched up sky blue then screen shot the results from google then we added the screen shot under the word sky blue. Both of the result were different even though they had the same words that when we found out that order of words matter.   Then we did some other example with searching things up.


I really enjoyed today , it was very fun!


Here is my slides