Year: 2022

Summer learning – task 14 – kick start

Hey bloggers,

Welcome back to another summer learning journey task. This task we had to make a escape room. We had to make a digital escape room. You had to use google drawing and google forms. Find the link to my activity to find the pin. Want to give it a try. Here is my link.

Summer learning journey- task 13- kick start

Hello blogger,

welcome back to another slj task. For this task we had to pick a shape and write a poem that looks like the shape.  ( sorry for the bad explanation) My shape i have chosen was a the big blue whale. This was very difficult and i had almost quit! But i didn’t. With my eye i just use the shape tool!


Hello bloggers,

Welcome back to another task for this task i made a super duper sling shot. We had three thing to make a sling shot they were  spoon , a tube and a string or rubier band. Aldo a box to give it the thing your launching go further. But i learnt just changing the potions will effect the height rate.  here is my video


Summer learning journey- task 9 – step up

Hey blogger,

This the step up to task 7. For this task we had to give 3 reason why we think this task was to successful during lockdown. So here is my google drawing and some more details for my reasons.

  1. It’s fun,  The fun i had to create was so much. If you want to pass your time at home then i recommend this. This had taken me like half in hour. This is so fun creating something for your picture. I had make my necklace.
  2. competitions with your family or friends, Having competition with your is so fun . In teams you get a photo and  the best one to create the photo best won! I am probably going to do this with my cousin tomorrow. 
  3. You can be as creative as you want! If you love to be creative then do this task immediately! I hade be creative with the coat instead of using a coat i used a blanket and for  my ear rings. There not the same there just hoop earrings. In lockdown you could buy anything so you only had to use things from home. So had some pearl which had broken of one of my old necklaces so I just got some string and made a necklace out of it.

Summer learning journey- task 7 – kick start

Hi bloggers,

I am here again for another task. Today task was to create a portrait of someone and the person i chose was Frida Kahlo because she was a Mexican painter and was know for her self portraits.  She also had polio when she was six. Polio is a disability it paralyzes your waist and down. Here are the protraits. I really tried my best on this.