Summer learning journey- task 7 – kick start

Hi bloggers,

I am here again for another task. Today task was to create a portrait of someone and the person i chose was Frida Kahlo because she was a Mexican painter and was know for her self portraits.  She also had polio when she was six. Polio is a disability it paralyzes your waist and down. Here are the protraits. I really tried my best on this.

One thought on “Summer learning journey- task 7 – kick start

  1. Hi Neha,

    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey. It’s awesome to see you are really getting into the summer activities! What a great choice to recreate Frida Kahlo, did you know that she first started painting self-portraits almost 100 years ago! I think you have managed to capture an incredible likeness to Frida Kahlo in your photo. The almost blank expression on your face has so much in common with the portrait you have chosen to recreate. The black and white tone of the picture also matches up perfectly. Did you have to edit the picture online after you took it?
    I can see you have also found accessories and items of clothing to dress as she is in the photo! Did you have to make anything, or were you able to use items you already had? I can see that you have taken time to notice and reflect every aspect of your chosen portrait in your recreation. Frida Kahlo lived a very interesting and eventful life, there is so much to learn about her. I can’t wait to see what you do next Neha, thank you for sharing!

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