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Welcome back to another task for this task i made a super duper sling shot. We had three thing to make a sling shot they were  spoon , a tube and a string or rubier band. Aldo a box to give it the thing your launching go further. But i learnt just changing the potions will effect the height rate.  here is my video



  1. Kia Ora Neha,

    This is Zana from the Summer Learning Journey. Great to see you starting off your summer learning journey with a second Nano Girl activity.

    What an awesome start to our Nano Girl challenges, these are awesome STEM based activities to keep your scientific thinking active over the summer months. Very fun for our future scientist.

    It looks like you have created an awesome functional catapult, it is great to hear that you adapted your catapult to work with the materials you had available. You did an amazing job introducing the activity and explaining what you are doing in your video, it was very easy to follow and understand.

    I would love to know what you found most challenging about this activity and what upgrades you would do to improve your catapult?

    Ngā mihi nui,

  2. Kia ora Neha. Ka pai on your catapult. The way you explained your creation showed that you listened carefully to Nanogirl’s video. Tino pai! I always enjoy watching your videos. I wonder if you’ve picked up any tips from Nanogirl about how you can keep your audience engaged? For example in her latest one she pretended to forget the word catapult didn’t she.

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