HPS Film festival, Finalists

Hey bloggers ,

Welcome back to another blog post. I am so happy to announce.  That me and my group will be sharing our movie. Our movie is called the unlucky girl .  This movie is about a girl who has been poisoned and the cop must find it out who poisoned her!  Here are the actors and there roles. Nation who played Tiana , Neha who play Angela (detective 1  ) , Karolina who played Erin (detective 2)  and the mum ,  Kalisi who played Sarah (detective 3) and the younger sister and Dizaiah who played Rosely.


In the filming process i enjoying the interviewing parts because i felt like i was a  cop interviewing suspects in real life not many people know this but when I grow up I want to became a detective!


If i had a choice to change something in my movie i would change the some character because the main character was barely coming so if i knew that i would that character to someone who came everyday!


Our group has been chosen to go to the movies where our movie will be screening on the big screen on Wednesday 18th at St Lukes malls. Where many ako hiko school will be there. Some people may be ako hiko ambassador and some poeple may be people who were chosen for there movie to be shown!


Want to watch our movie? If you scroll down a little there will be our movie. Give your honest feedback!

Anyways I’m so excited to share my movie!


7 thoughts on “HPS Film festival, Finalists

  1. Hi Neha I really like the way you guys acted like it was a real crime and a real mission.

  2. Hello Neha I love your film it was cool and so much better if you leave like the old one by the way bye

  3. Hello Neha,
    I really liked your film because of how you guys were really seious about it and acting like the crime was real. One thing I think in my opinion you guys should work on is character names because I didn’t really know what the names were. Another thing I really liked was how you got Karolina to speak in a different language.
    Sincerely Hadassah

  4. Hello Neha I love your film and the part that I love is the cctv footage. The part I would change is NOTHING because it’s just perfect I know nothing’s perfect in the world but this is.
    Blane HPS.
    Hope you have a great day 😁

  5. Namaste Neha
    Your film was lovely and the part where the cctv fotage was shown. How did you do that because it is supercalifragalisticespealadocias and I think you should not change anything because it is super duper

  6. Malo e lelei Neha! I’m Tina from Wesley Intermediate School, I just want to say that I found your film very enjoyable to watch. I really like how you switched views during that CCTV Footage scene! I think your group and you have done a really great job on this film and hope you have an amazing day!

    Ka Kite!