Media – 11/10/23

Hey bloggers,

Haven’t posted in a while! Yesterday we had cybersmart and we did a form about the amount of hour that people watch medias. For my create task i made slide of thr results from the form and what i choose. I’m gonna keep this short. But we found out intersting stuff like some people watch youtbe for over ten hour you will find out if watch youtbe for over 10 hours if you see the slide. Here are the slides .


2 thoughts on “Media – 11/10/23

  1. Hii Neha, I Love your video from the film, I love the way y’all attitude and the faces there were so funny lol but i hope you have a blessed and lovely day

    By Layla m

  2. Kia Ora Neha,
    Thanks for sharing the information about how long people spend where in 24 hours. What did you find most interesting or concerning? I like how honest you are with what you spend your time on. It is interesting how much time students spend on Youtube compared to how much time they spend reading.
    Ngā Mihi
    Whaea Tanya
    Ako Hiko EPL