Summer learning journey – task 21 – summer learning joureny

Hey blogger,

welcome back to another summer learning journey task. For this task we had to make a new vision of 12 day of Christmas.  This might be supper wrong but i didn’t know what those meant. Here it is:



One thought on “Summer learning journey – task 21 – summer learning joureny

  1. Kia ora Neha,

    You have made a very good effort with this activity. Ka Pai! Great work!

    I encourage you to listen to the lyrics of the song, found under the read section of kick start section of this activity’s instructions.

    I have included some definitions to a few that were challenging to figure out:

    third day= flax kits
    fourth day= huhu grubs

    seventh day= eels
    ninth day= pipis (similar to clams
    tenth day= fish
    eleventh day= haka lessons
    twelfth day= piupiu (skirts)

    Keep up the amazing work!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)