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What happening in my life? – 14.9.23

Hey blogger,

I noticed how i haven’t done a check up in a while so for today i’m going to do a check up!


First today Thursday 14.9.23 the kapa haka group will be performing at block house bay intermediate at 6pm today. The leader in the group are Neha (me) , Kayshjarn ,  Sariyah , Eliezer , Xayvion and Sione . As you can see we have 6 leader which is very different since last year we only had 2 leader that were both girls.  The song we will be singing are Ma wai ra (which i will be leading) , Kapoioi (Kayshjarn will be leading) , E rere toku poi (I will be leading) and the haka tika tonu (which the boys will be leading in .  The group has been practising so hard and we are so excited to perform at the Konohete this year. 


Term 3 about to end. So right now its week 9 and next week will be the last week for term 3 . Next term which is term 4 we have 11 weeks since we only had 9 week in  term 1.  It exciting but also scary because as some people know I’m a year 6 and i’m going to intermediate. The reason why I’m scared is because I’m going to a intermediate where none of my friends are going so i have make new friends and replace them all.


Last week Tuesday we had volleyball zones. The team was Me (Neha) , Layla , Ifalemi , Eliezer , Sione , Lorenzo , Livi , Mo’unga  .  As you can see there are only two girls and the rest are boys. I’m so happy to announce that we  won all our games. I think my favourite game was our second game but unfortunately I don’t rember what the school it was.


So thats some stuff happening in my life!


What do you have exciting happening in your life?