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Welcome back to another blog post. For the past few week we have been working on presentation. My presentation was about protecting our kiwis. Since yesterday we have been presenting to our class.


Today I was chosen to go and present to the class. At first I was really  scared and was almost about to cry. I was the last one to present for the day. Before I went up I had this feeling in my stomach.  But I still went and my best friend (Karolina) was like “GO NEHA” and “SLAY BADDIE” which almost got me laughing to the ground.  I took a breath and started to read.  Every word i said that nervous feeling was disappearing.  As soon as I finished everyone was clapping.  Well I was coming back to my sit my teacher gave me some feedback.  I also hit my head on the table well my teacher was saying something to the class.  Then he came to me and Karolina and told us that we are going to share our presentation to the whole school next week Thursday. “Just remember when you do something  scary at the end your gonna feel so much better” my teacher told us.



Want to see my presentation well Here you go :


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