Summer learning jorney- task 26- step up

Hey bloggers welcome back to another summer learning journey task. For this task we had to interview a family member and  ask them the  maths riddles we got to do. I interviewed my mum but not on camera beacuase she didn’t want  to yeah. So i aksed her the answers and the reason and told you guys got. So yeah here is my video ,



2 thoughts on “Summer learning jorney- task 26- step up

  1. Kia ora Neha. I’m excited to see your interview with your mum. Can you just change the permissions to anyone with the link?

  2. Kia ora Neha,

    Thank you for sharing your video – and I agree that if someone doesn’t want to be recorder then we do the right thing and respect that. I am glad that she was able to sit and work through the problems with you – that is awesome.

    Wow you did so great to get the car park – that one had me stumped! I was trying to figure out 16 , 06 but then I heard you say turn it upside down 🙂

    If you think about the question about a tonne again – A tonne is 1000 kgs.

    Can you imagine a 1000 kgs of lollies. 1000 kgs of lollies would be roughly 5000 bags of lollies like a Party mix or a bag of Skittles. That would be so many bags of lollies.

    If I had a tonne of bricks I would have say 300 maybe 400 bricks. There are nowhere near as many bricks as I have bags of Lollies.

    Would they both still weigh the same ? and if they weigh the same is one heavier ?

    I am sorry if my comment is confusing but I hope you are inspired to think about it again
    Ngā mihi