Summer learning journey task 3 – Kick start

Hello bloggers,

This task i have done is to comment a positive and kind comment on someones blog. The class I have done is Room 4  Wesley Intermediate School.  The task they did was paint with music and the song they did were World cup by Ishowspeed and here to stay by General Fiyra. So here is my comment.

2 thoughts on “Summer learning journey task 3 – Kick start

  1. KIA ORA Neha

    I have a question on why you chose Wesley intermediate and maybe you could write about in your post. Your comment for Wesley intermediate was awesome keep up the great work.

  2. Kia ora Neha
    Great job on your Kick Start activity for Task 3! You have certainly written a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment. I especially enjoyed how you were specific about what you liked about the Room 4 artwork which is detailed feedback for the person.
    You are making great progress on your Summer Learning Journey already! Have you done the programme in the past or is this your first time? I look forward to following your blogging over the summer break.
    Nga mihi
    Naomi Rosedale
    (Manaiakalani Facilitator)