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BOY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM HPS! (this is my opinion)

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Welcome back to another blog post. Today I’m gonna show you my writng that i wrote . My writing was about  BOY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM HAY PARK SCHOOL.  Here its



This is my opinion so if you disagree then disagree because it’ my opinion . Here are some good reasons why i think boys should leave this school and never come back.

One of my reasons why are theres this boy not naming names. WHO LOVE JJ MAYBANK and will never stop talking about him.  When we tell him to be quiet all he said ,  say shut up to us like how rude.  Then it turn into whole fight.  LIKE WE ARE IN EPISODE OF THE  HOUSEWIVES. 

There are two boy , WHO LOVE TO SHOW OFF. Heres an example , when the teacher

 told the two to boy to do some pushed up one of them was doing a push up with one hand and the other one was just acting like he was strong. LIKE WE GET IT YOU WANT TO IMPRESS SOMEONE . 

They like attention seeking. There this boy who love attention. He to like fall on purpose so he can get everyone’s attention.  Even if they say something mean , he still like the attention.  He also like to act dumb so someone can help him , even if he know it he still acts like he doesn’t. 

Theres all bullies,  they always bully the girls. When we stick up for ourself , they just come back harder. Sometime they go to far that they make the girls cry. They don’t even say sorry and if they do its like 4 months later. 

So mrs campbell if you do consider to do this it would make my day . SO SAY YES , DO’T WANT YOUR STUDENT TO BE HAPPY!