My letter to ….. Step up: poetry slam #3

Hey bloggers

Welcome back to s1 ep3 for challenge accepted . Today’s blog post is my  letter to Kermit animation. I tried my best to animation. I would love to hear some feedback! Do you know who Kermit is?


2 thoughts on “My letter to ….. Step up: poetry slam #3

  1. Kia ora Neha. I love how you’re combining your poetry skills with other things you’ve learnt like animations. The images and transitions make it really engaging to watch. Have you checked out some of the other slam entries?

  2. Talofa Neha, I was captivated with your animation and rhymes. I was looking to see what was going to be the next rhyming word especially when I had to wait for the reveal. I totally agree with Matua Phil about mixing your learning to make it engaging. Hop you have remembered to enter them in the Poetry Slam.

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