Cooking with Miss P

Hello Bloggers,

Welcome back to another fabulous blog post with the one and only ME , NEHA. Last week with Miss P I made chocolate chip cookie bars. Well not only me but including Sammy, Mohamed and Betul. Sammy and Betul were buddies and Me (Neha) and Mohamed were buddies.


The ingredients include Melted Butter , Two eggs, White sugar, Brown sugar, Flower, Chocolate chips, Baking Powder and last but not least Vanilla!  Embarrassing but I forgot the measuring but if you would like to learn the recipe then you go onto the Hay Park school Facebook page!


The baking time was about 40 minutes I believe! But each group made a batch each including Miss P! Next baking blog post will be next week Friday and drum roll please! NEXT WEEK WE ARE MAKING PEACH SHORTCAKE!


                 What is your favorite type of dessert?