Summer learning jounrey – task 45 – step up

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Welcome back to another summer earning journey task. For this task we had write a story. There were different level  but i decided to do gold but did  gold which was 5 paragraphs but i did 7. for the story i did was about a mermaid who want for people to stop fishing. Neha and Karolina had to help her. My story



Once upon time there lived two girls called Karolina who was year 6 at hay park school and Neha who was also a year 6!  They went to the beach for a girl’s day because they hadn’t spent so much time together. Neha was in charge of the food. She packed a loaf of bread and two big bottles of water! “ do you think there would be mermaid in the water” Karolina asked “ of course not there a mythical creature “ said “ aww men i really thought they were real but anyways do you want to go swimming” said karolina  “ karolina you can go and i am coming i just need a sip of water” answered neha


Karolina nodded her head and ran to the water. Neha started to look in the bag for the water but she couldn’t find it! “Oh no i forgot it at home! KAROLINA I”M GOING TO DAIRY TO GET SOME BOTTLE OF WATER I FORGOT IT AT HOME” screamed Neha “ OK” said karolina. Neha got the changed in the front pocket and as soon as she got on her feet she heard a karolina scream “ NEHA”. Neha saw karolina running out of water so Neha ran up to her. “ what happen………… OMG WHAT THE HECK IS THAT”  Neha couldn’t even finish her sentence!


Everyone stared at the water and there was a colorful tall and pretty mermaid walking up to karolina and neha. “Umm hello my name is Gina and I want to talk to the GOVERNMENT NOW!” Gina said. “Umm you can’t but you can talk to us!” sad Neha. “ NO I NEED TO TALK TO GOVERNMENT OR I WILL RUIN THIS TOWN!” Said Gina. “ Gina calm down, the government is busy and you have to swim to wellington. You’re in Auckland, New Zealand, so yeah so tell us and we might be able to fix your problem!” said Karolina. 


“Ok fine , I need you to make people stop fishing NOW! All my friends are gone and now the sea’s are empty.” Said Giny “ UMM that is a hard thing to stop!” said Karolina  “ KAROLINA I HAVE A IDEA” screamed neha “ What’s the idea? “ said Karolina   “remember the time when we had to send something to Jacinda Ardern? Said Neha “ yeah of course” said Karolina “ well i still have her email so  why don’t we right perceive letters on why we should stop fishing so much like there is a limit on fishing!” said neha “”omg that such a great idea”  said Karolina “Hey Gina why don’t we meet you next week Thursday? “ asked karolina “sure thanks guys” aid Gina. Neha and Karolina went home and started writing their email.


After an hour they sent the email! “Finally , but do you think she will respond that she is really busy?” asked karolina “umm i sure she will send her such a good reason, we just have to wait for a couple days. “ said neha. On friday two days after they sent the email they got a response! “ KAROLINA SHE RESPONDED” Neha screamed, 



Karolina ran up to Neha and looked into her computer and read it. IN a short version it said hey girls, 

Thank you for the most perceive writing and that such a good idea. I have talked to the government and they say that you can only fish 3 fish per person. Thank you very much. 


The girls screamed and the next week they went back to the same beach and told Gina everything. “Thank you guys, you guys are the best. I hope this will help with my friend going missing!” said gina “ hey gina can you walk? Not trying to be mean “ said neha “umm yes i can why?” Said gina “well if you want our help again you can always come to out house here’s our address” Neha gave a piece of paper with their address on it. “Thank you guys again i better go off “ said gina The girls were happy that they could help a friend out.


                                                                                                             The end

One thought on “Summer learning jounrey – task 45 – step up

  1. Kia ora Neha,

    Ka pai on completing another Summer Learning Journey task. You must really enjoy writing stories as you’ve added an extra two paragraphs. Good work. The theme of your story is really wholesome and positive. There are two main themes I read – being a supportive friend and also helping the environment. It’s so cool that you were able to create a summer story with these themes. Tino pai!

    I also think it is so important to be aware of our marine life and support the replenishment of fish. We can’t be catching as many fish as we want to, otherwise we won’t have any fish left to catch! There already are limitations on catches and sizes of fish caught, but there are some other rules out there too. Do you go fishing at all?

    I really like how you have included Karolina in your story as a character too. You guys must be good friends at school!

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

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