Summer learning jounrey – task 43 – kickstart

Hello bloggers,

Welcome back to another summer learning journey task. SO this task is  a poem. I doing this task because i it is a replacement for the blackout poem. I really want to do this blackout poem but it is quite disrespectful in my culture to colour in reading book and on google drawing it quite hard to sorry for not doing the black our poem. But i making up for it and doing a poem. My poem is based on ANZAC day.  It more about the Flander fields have you heard the poem in the Flanders fields? So the peom i made is made out of word form the poem so its like a blackout poem. Here’s the poem if you don’t know it: In the Flanders field  Anyways here is my poem.


2 thoughts on “Summer learning jounrey – task 43 – kickstart

  1. Kia ora Neha,

    It’s Simon here from the Summer Learning Journey team. Ka pai on completing another Summer Learning Journey task! Your never poem is great, I like the red background you have used. I really like how you have adapted this task to fit your cultural beliefs.

    I have heard this poem before. It’s quite an important poem to commemorate those that were fighting in the First World War. Do you have a favourite poem? I don’t really know many poems, so I would love some recommendations.

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

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