Summer learning journey – task 40 – kickstart

Hey blogger,

For this task we got to learn about Kuaka a native new Zealand bird.


Do you know kuaka mean in English well if you look my slide you learn and also loads of other interesting facts about them. This blog post is actually ” Challenge accepted season 1 episode 2 ” This might not last long because i think summer learning journey will be ending next week Friday on the 20th next week. Any who here is my slide


One thought on “Summer learning journey – task 40 – kickstart

  1. Hi Neha,

    It’s Emma here, a blog commenter from the Summer Learning Journey.

    I loved learning about the Kuaka, it is very sad to hear about how endangered they are though. Did you find out anything we can do to conserve their species? Maybe doing rubbish clean up on beaches that they inhabit. Do you have any ideas?

    Flying for 8 days non-stop is amazing! Can you imagine if we ran or walked for that long, we would be exhausted! In New Zealand we measure speed and distance using kilometres or kilometres per hour. Miles can be a bit confusing. 35 miles per hour is about the same as 56 kilometres per hour. Which to give you an understanding is faster than the speed limit on most roads in New Zealand. So the next time you are driving in the car have a think about the Kuaka and imagine them flying past you!

    I’m not sure what maths you were trying to work out at the end there. It sounded very complicated! I think you might be missing part of the last sentence, which is why you might have been confused. Maybe it was meant to say, the Kuaka can fly seven thousand, five hundred and eighty miles or kilometres within a certain space of time? If you go back to the information on the task you might figure out what part is missing.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post, I loved learning about this special bird.

    Emma – SLJ