Summer learning journey- task 39 – kickstart

Hey bloggers,

Welcome back to another summer learning journey task. for the task i am going to show you today is about Alliteration.


Do you know what a Alliteration? Well a Alliteration is a sentence that all start with a letter.  In example is ” Betty Blotter Bought Butter ” Can you see something that is common in the sentence. It all starts with the letter B.

It doesn’t have to start with the letter b, it can start with any letter from A-Z. The letter i chose was T. I feel like T is quite hard because there are not a lot of words that with the letter T . I decide to do a poem with a specific topic. The specific topic i chose was tigers.

I chose T because i wanted a challenge. I fell proud that i got to accomplish this challenge. I should start a series called ” challenge accepted ” Well i guess today is season 1 and episode 1. 


In my opinion i i think you should try this poem. It is quite fun. You can experiment with some many letters. This might be one of my favourite task yet. here is my Alliteration template. Have a good day.





2 thoughts on “Summer learning journey- task 39 – kickstart

  1. Hello Neha!

    Awesome work! I love how you have clearly understood what alliteration is and it shows as you are able to explain and teach it to anyone who comes across your blogpost. I also love how you strive to complete all the tasks that come your way despite the challenge, looking forward to your next blogpost to see season 1 episode 2. I truly felt terrified as you explained how the tiger moves, awesome choice of alliteration. Have you seen a Tiger in real life before? What do you think of my short alliteration poem?, a Beautiful Blue Butterfly Beamed in its Beauty.

    Keep up the amazing work!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

  2. Ka pai Neha. Wow, a poem with just t words. That’s impressive! Don’t forget to enter it into the Poetry Slam here so that other people can see your creation. I’d love to hear you perform it too. I bet it would be a bit like a tongue twister.

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