Summer learning journey – task 38 – kickstart

Hey bloggers,

welcome back to another summer learning journey task. For this task we got learn about homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings.


For this task we got a google drawing template. We had to make a vegetable cartoon. The cartoon character body i choose was a pumpkin even though i HATE pumpkins.


You must be wondering, how does homophones connect to the pumpkins? Good questions! The answer is that once we made the cartoon character we have to make a speech with one homophones. 


Here is my google drawing.



2 thoughts on “Summer learning journey – task 38 – kickstart

  1. Hi Neha,

    This is one of my favourite tasks to read because the vegetable cartoons are just un-beet-able!

    ‘Olive’ how you have brought this cartoon to life by drawing the muscly arms and face, did you do this on google drawing? Witch and which are great examples of a homophone, it looks like you have gained a great understanding of homophones.

    If you hate pumpkin, do you have another vegetable that you love instead? I love pumpkins myself, especially in soup on a cold winters day! Your picture has reminded me of a pumpkin pun because she looks like she has been ‘pumpkin’ some weights at the gym!

    Did you enjoy this activity? I can’t wait to see what awesome pun you might come up with in the step it up.

    I a-peach-iate you sharing this blog post Neha!

    Emma – SLJ

  2. Kia ora Neha. There are a lot of homophone and they’re hard to remember sometimes. Especially where their places are in sentences (did you spot my homophones there). What a cool idea to make a poster. I might use this activity for some lessons this year!

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