Summer learning journey – task 24 – kickstart

Kia ora bloggers,

Welcome back to another summer learning jorney task. For this task we got to make a peom to something not someone. The thing i chose was badminton.  So yeah here is my video.

3 thoughts on “Summer learning journey – task 24 – kickstart

  1. Hi Neha!

    I loved your poem. I’m just wondering, why did you choose badminton? It was really good that you would re pronounce your words when you messed up. Does the sentence “…For my rest of my life” sound right, it might be right i’m not sure but I think you should change it to “For the rest of my life”.


  2. Hi again Neha,

    What a lovely letter – I hope you share this with your parents. They would be so pleased to hear your passion for badminton. Your letter has been very well written. I liked that you used topic specific vocab. My favourite sentence was the one where you are pretending to have a racket and hitting the shuttle coming directly towards you.

    How often do you play? Do you practice often? There is a book called ‘You are awesome’ It was about a kid who was given a table tennis table. He wasn’t very good to start with but he played so much he became a world champ. Your story made me think of him.

    Ngā mihi

  3. Kia ora Neha. Ka pai for your poem! I remember playing badminton with my mum and dad too. It’s such good fun aye? Don’t forget to enter your poems into the slam using this form. You can also check out other people’s poems. You might like Benjamin’s because he wrote his letter to squash which is a similar sport to badminton.

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