SLJ – Tester

Its me Neha, for today post i am going to show you my master piece! Next week slj is starting. Slj stands for summer learning journey. All over Aotearoa students from different school do some fun activitys to do in the holiday. There is a slj blog were they post two activity at 9 am and 1 pm.

There were tree different choices for slj tester activity and I did the art activity. There was a link to art site were we would get to colour something. The picture down this is my coulring. If you want to try this site then the link will be linked on this sentence.

One thought on “SLJ – Tester

  1. Ka pai Neha. This is a really nice summary of what the Summer Learning Journey is all about. Thanks for sharing your colouring. Do you think making it a bit bigger might be useful for your readers?

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