Should plastic be banned?

Bula blogger,

It me Neha! I know i haven’t blogged for a long time. Today i am gonna show you my writing called should plastic be banned? Here is my writing.

Plastic should be banned? I strongly believe that plastic should be banned.

The harm it is causing us could lead us to extinction. This reason is because plastic kills plants. It kills the plants when plastic in the earth stops the roots from spreading. Also, plastic may sit on top of the plant preventing it from breathing. Plants create oxygen for us humans to breathe. The more plants that die the less oxygen we will have.

You might be shocked to learn that the amount of rubbish that can fit into a rubbish truck is the same amount of rubbish that is dumped in the ocean every minute. Scientists predict that in the future, four times as much rubbish as this will be in our oceans.

Soon our sea animals will be all extinct. Our future children will never see,sea animals at all, only seeing their fossils, videos and also hearing stories about them. Also meaning no more seafood. Will pescatarian still be a thing, after fish go extinct?

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