Our All Blacks experince!

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On 28th/6/22 all the senior classes went to the Sky City for a All Blacks experince! Our class had split in half and went and joined room 9 or 6. My group went to room 6 and the other have went with room 9.  We had some morning tea and then our groups  went to go have our experince. We went to dark room where we saw a woman and a man greeting each other, it reminded me of Papatunuku and Raganui. Then our group was taken to the hallway and we saw two timelines. One of the timelines was about how much wins the All Blacks has made at the start the All blacks won a little but towards the end the All Black had won a lot. Did you know the womans all blacks team has won more world cups then the boys All Blacks team? Then we went to this room where we watch a video and then our tour guide took ous to a room where we played a game. We went under pressure and some other things. Then we went to the All Blacks changing room and we watch a video. Then we were preparing to go watch the All Blacks do the haka. It was very exciting watching it. Then we went and had a play. Here are some of our photos:

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  1. Kia ora Neha. What a cool trip! I like the way you made lots of connections to previous experiences. And you shared some great facts too. Maybe you could make the photos a bit bigger so they’re easier to see?

  2. 3 ‘’Hola Neha’’ I loved how you shared your toolkit group session with your group. Did you know that I just remembered that the hole seinior school had to do it as well. Maybe you could put in the toolkit’s name so we know what toolkit you did.

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